Ajaja, Aged Gin: The origin of Aged Gins

As we approach the release of the third Gin Avem, we trace the origin of this spirit, as old as the Gin itself.

Aged Gin, also known as Yellow Gin or Golden Gin, is initially due to the transport of spirits in wooden barrels. The aging inside the barrels revealed new aromas and generated new experiences around the Gin.

New Gin Ajaja from Gin Avem, Gin Aged in barrels from Fronsac

The golden crest goes perfectly with the natural coloring, in pink and golden tones, of our new spirit.

In order to embody our new creation, we have chosen Ajaja, a species of aquatic bird known for its large pink wings, in homage to the maritime transport which gave birth to aged gins.

Like this rare species, our Gin Ajaja, is available in a limited edition with only 407 bottles.

Discover our new creation now: https://bit.ly/gin-ajaja

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