Aviation: Alan's cocktail with floral flavors based on Corvus, Navy Strength Gin

Looking for an elegant but not too complex cocktail?

This week we present to you the creation of Alan which combines delicacy and power. You will need a Navy Strength Gin like Corvus, and only three ingredients, no more, no less.

Aviation Cocktail by Alan Home Bartender with Corvus Gin Avem


50 ml - Gin Avem Corvus Navy Strength
10 ml - Violet cream
10 ml - Maraschino Liqueur
20 ml - Lemon juice

We advise you to serve this cocktail on ice in order to balance the elements of the cocktail.

Although its flavors are floral and fruity, Aviation is a rich and refined cocktail. Indeed, Corvus brings a touch of power and bitterness to balance this cocktail.

Many thanks to Alan for this beautiful creation. Do not hesitate to recreate this cocktail for us at home and identify us on our social networks.

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