HMS Bird: Alan's creation, based on Navy Strength Gin, full of sense and taste

This cocktail created exclusively by Alan with our Navy Strength Gin Corvus , is ideal for the winter season with warm flavors and citrus notes. The history and flavors behind HMS Bird are just as surprising as each other.

The story

In the old days, the Royal Navy had to ensure that any alcohol carried on board would be flammable as wet gunpowder could be a death sentence in combat. The spirits were therefore tested by mixing a little alcohol with gunpowder and then setting it on fire, if it burned, the transport of the tested spirits was granted. Since then, Gins with an alcohol content of over 57° carry the Navy Strength designation.

Alan therefore named his creation HMS Bird, in reference to the Royal Navy and the famous ship HMS, " Her Majesty's Ship".
HMS Bird cocktail based on Gin Avem Corvus made by Alan Home Bartender

The HMS Bird Cocktail:

- 10ml Grand Marnier

- 10ml rosemary honey syrup
- 20ml lemon juice
- 30ml white grape juice
- 2 dashes of orange blossom water

To make this fine beverage, you have to use a shaker to mix everything and garnish it with a white grape and an orange peel. You can find transparent ice on Ice Cube .

A big thank you to Alan for this beautiful creation full of meaning and taste. Do not hesitate to recreate this cocktail at home and identify us on our social networks. Good tasting ! 🦅🖤🍇

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