Manhattan: a BLEND of flavors

In order to celebrate the creativity and expertise of our talented partners, we invite you to highlight this new achievement.

Today, we want to honor Aurélie Andraud 's Manhattan cocktail.

Manhattan cocktail by Aurélie Andraud

🍒🥃 Recipe 🥃🍒

40 ml Whiskey BLEND
10ml Lustau Bodegas
2 drops Angostura bitters
1 Luxardo Maraschino barspoon

🍸 Glass: Pony Glass by Remy Savage and NudeGlass 🍸

This cocktail is perfect for whiskey lovers who want to discover a simple cocktail with complex flavors!

A big thank you to Aurélie for this great cocktail as well as to Valentin Videgrain for these sublime photos! 😁 🙏✨

Good tasting and good weekend! 🤗

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