Food pairings and Vodka Nadé

Discover the exceptional dishes and pairings that go perfectly with our Vodka Nadé Millésime 2017.

The matured meat

Under the advice of Maître Boucher Wilfried Bardet, we associated Vodka Nadé with matured meat during a meal with friends. An incredible sensation, our spirit brings out the aromatic power of matured meat by serving as a flavor enhancer, while adding subtle sweet and fruity aromas to exceptional dishes. Today, this association is taken up in exceptional restaurants such as O'Bresero, an establishment specializing in rare meats. So don't be surprised to find our spirits on your butcher's shelves.


Vodka and caviar have enhanced each other for centuries.

The sweetness in the mouth of Vodka Nadé makes it possible not to take over exceptional dishes such as caviar and to let them express themselves fully. Better, it allows to sublimate it thanks to its length in the mouth, the aromas of vodka and caviar agree throughout the tasting and leave an exceptional aromatic on our palate for long minutes. Today, Vodka Nadé is a partner of Sturia caviar and marketed in its boutique in Bordeaux.

A unique deal!

The proximity of Bordeaux, a source of inspiration for the development of Vodka Nadé and the birthplace of its founder, with the Arcachon basin and its oyster beds has allowed Vodka Nadé to meet oysters. An exceptional pairing to bring out the iodized side of the oyster and to mix the textures while providing a surprising aromatic length. One of the most appreciated food and vodka pairings by restaurateurs and fine gourmets.

dark chocolate

The perfect end to the meal.

During a presentation of Vodka Nadé to the students of the historic French gastronomy school Ferrandi, the latter challenged the founder by suggesting that he make an agreement between Vodka Nadé and dishes made from dark chocolate. Precious advice that has made it possible to perfect sumptuous meals thanks to the association of our Vodka with dark chocolate. A real gastronomic experience thanks to the sweetness contrasted by the bitters to finish on fine fruity notes coated by the cocoa.

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