Based on yogurt and our Vodka Nadé: “Greek Creamy“ the sumptuous cocktail of Andres

Looking for a creamy and surprising cocktail?

We present to you the creation of Andres , which is somewhat surprising. You will need to bring our Vodka Nadé and four ingredients including an amazing one: Greek yogurt.

Creamy Greek, the creamy and surprising cocktail from Andres de Unchicoeunbar

Recipe :

  • 250g Vodka Nade

  • 250g peach cream

  • 500g Greek yogurt

  • 100 g of water

  • 7 drops of absinthe

All that remains is to mix the ingredients with a blender and then filter everything through a coffee filter.

The lactic acids of yogurt bring a nice balance and new flavors to the cocktail!

Many thanks to Andres for this beautiful creation. Do not hesitate to recreate this cocktail at home and identify us on our social networks. Good tasting!🍸🍇✨

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