ANTHOCYANE: Cocktail with our new Gin Corvus

This week we offer you a creation called Anthocyane made by Clément du Cancan Bordeaux with our new Gin Corvus as the flagship ingredient 🦅🖤🍇

Although Corvus is a powerful spirit, this cocktail brings a fruity touch that goes perfectly with our botanical alcohol ✨🍸

Recipe :

🍊30ml CORVUS Gin Avem

🍒10ml Maraschino cherry by Luxardo

🍋10ml Verjus by Bourgoin Cognac

🧉30ml cranberry juice

🌰5ml orgeat syrup

💧2 dashes Suius Cherry bitters by Bittered Sling

For the realization of the cocktail Clément used equipment fromThe Bars and the glass comes from Luigi Bormioli .

This cocktail is perfect for bringing sweetness and accentuating the botanicals of Corvus, but also for inspiring those who discover our powerful and bold spirit.

A big thank you to Clément for this sublime creation as well as to Valentin Videgrain for these wonderful photos! 😁 🙏✨

Good tasting and good weekend! 🤗

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