Ave Maria: Wendy's thirst-quenching cocktail based on our Hippolais Gin and Iced Tea

Based on gin and iced tea, Ave Maria is a refreshing cocktail ideal for the arrival of sunny days. This beautiful creation was made by Wendy Sengomona, who won first place at the 2019 Bar Trophies. We therefore invite you to discover the recipe and give us your feedback.

Ave Maria, Wendy's cocktail with Hippolais gin and iced tea


1.5cl Verjuice
1.5cl Homemade Grape Syrup
2cl Blackberry Cream
4cl of Gin Avem hippolais
3cl Rooibois and Hibiscus Iced Tea
3 drops of Teapot Bitter

This cocktail is ideal for lovers of the Long Island Cocktail or Gin Tea who would like to discover a fruitier and sweeter alternative.

Cocktail based on gin and iced tea

Thanks again to Wendy for this delicious cocktail and valentine for these wonderful photos!

If you liked this cocktail, don't hesitate to tell us and if you made this cocktail think about tagging us Gin Avem and Hanzo 🤗

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