Bacchus, Clément's creation, in harmony with the vinic origins of our Gin Corvus

Cocktail Bacchus by Clément Sargeni with Corvus by Gin Avem

This week we share with you Bacchus, a creation both simple and sophisticated, created by Clément Sargeni, Manager of Cancan Bordeaux.


🦅30ml Corvus by Gin Avem
💧 30ml White bitter
🍇30ml Vermouth dry Royal Vermouth

Garnish with an orange zest to finish 🍊

Hardware by The Bars and glass by Luigi Bormioli

Thanks again to Clément for Bacchus, a beautiful creation that lets the wine origins of Corvus express themselves 🍇🖤🦅

Also a big thank you to Valentin Videgrain for these sublime photos 🔥🙏✨

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