Manhattan blend: Andres' quintessential Bordeaux cocktail

Do you want to rediscover Bordeaux flavors with a surprising cocktail? If so, Andres , Head Barman at Bövem, has created a creation that is as surprising as it is elegant.

This Manhattan revisited by Andres who wants to highlight the aromas of our first BLEND Whiskey, but also show that wine has its place in cocktails 😉🍸🍇
Cocktail by Andres, Unchicoeunbar, based on wine and French Whiskey BLEND

Recipe :

  • 30 ml Whiskey BLEND Collection N°1
  • 10ml Merlot red wine
  • 7.5ml Amaro Montenegro
  • 15ml Heering cherry liqueur
  • Orange peel
Here are the tips of Andres for the realization of this fruity, simple and distinguished cocktail:
In a mixing glass, add all the ingredients except the orange peel, stir gently with pure ice and serve in a glass of your choice, here it is the Pony glass by Remy Savage and Nude Glass .
And finally, squeeze the orange peel oils around the glass and discard when done.

Many thanks to Andres for this beautiful creation. Do not hesitate to recreate this cocktail at home and identify us on our social networks. Good tasting!🍸🍇✨

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