Lyon International Competition: New medals for Gin Avem and Vodka Nadé

With 157 categories and 574 samples of spirits, including Gin, Vodka, Whiskeys, Rums and various spirits, the annual Lyon Competition proceeds with a blind tasting with nearly 1,200 international tasters.

We are delighted to announce that our Vodka Nadé Millésime 2017 and our Gin Avem Hippolais have received two new distinctions during this last competition.

Hippolais, London Dry Gin Avem, wins its first gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon 2022

Our London Dry Gin Avem, Hippolais, wins its first gold medal at the Lyon International Competition. The score is made up of six criteria including taste, smell and sight.

Vodka Nadé Millésime 2017 wins its eleventh medal at the Lyon International Competition

Vodka Nadé also won a silver medal at the annual Concours Lyonnais. This is the eleventh medal.

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