Gin Avem: Already a year since the adventure began!

A year ago, today, we celebrated the launch of Hippolais (the little blue bottle), our first Gin Avem at Frida in Bordeaux. We would like to thank those who honored us with their presence that day, those who believed in this project, but also those who joined our adventure.

Since then we have come a long way with a first international distinction, already three batches made, the presence of our Avem Hippolais gin in numerous cellars and on multiple bar menus in France (which we think very strongly), its first flights to from different regions of the world, as well as many more than positive messages and tasting comments about it.

Gin Avem celebrates its second Gin: Corvus a Navy Strength

This first year was not easy, however it offered us the opportunity to work as a family, to expand our team, but also to think differently.

To celebrate this anniversary, we are pleased to announce the launch of pre-orders for our second Avem gin: Corvus! A Navy Gin at 57° that will surprise you. A limited edition of 1200 bottles will be released at the beginning of March! Remember to reserve your bottle on our website!

We look forward to continuing to share our passion and many experimental gins with you!

Thank you again, it is thanks to you that the story continues!

The Nade brothers

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