The cocktail bar - restaurant, Symbiose in Bordeaux, has chosen Corvus, our Gin Avem, for its Gin Tonic menu this summer

Le Symbiose, renowned for its cocktails and exquisite dishes but also for its zero waste commitments with its permaculture vegetable garden, has selected our Navy Strength Gin Bordelais, Corvus, for its summer Gin Tonic menu.

Rewarded in the Michelin guide, this establishment has won over many customers with its values ​​and local cuisine.

We were welcomed by Lucas, who prepared sumptuous cocktails for us with our Bordeaux gin with their beautiful aromatic plants.

Corvus available on the Symbiose Gin Tonic menuGin Tonic based on Corvus with Symbiose Bordeaux

In the Gin Tonic above we find the following ingredients: Corvus Navy Strength Gin Avem, Archibald French Tonic with fennel flowers, wild dill and a slice of lime. We also rediscovered gin and tonic with sage and grapefruit flavors. It is a simple, elegant cocktail but above all with local flavors.

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