The cocktail, based on Avem gin, which will make you see life in pink! A recipe concocted by Cocktail Alchemists

Today, we share with you the encounter between the little blue bottle and the sumptuous pink cocktail. This sophisticated cocktail, with flavors of citrus fruits and red fruits, is the ideal remedy to see (or drink) life in pink and forget this mixed weather.

We would like to thank Cocktail Alchemists for this lively and flavorful creation.

Cocktail based on Gin Avem made by Cocktail Alchemists


50ml of Gin Avem Hippolais
25 ml fine orange champagne liqueur
25 ml of red fruit purée
25 ml pistachio cordial
30ml lime juice
2 dashes of cranberry bitters
2 dashes of orange bitters aged in gin casks

thanks to Cocktail Alchemists for this creation! We wish you a nice tasting and a good weekend ☀️🍸✨

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