The Alchemists Potion cocktail made by Cocktail Alchemists

For those who dream of azure skies, unfortunately we can't change the weather, but we can offer you a cocktail this week that will brighten up your day: Alchemists Potion made by Cocktail Alchemists 😎☀️🍸

Cocktail Alchemists Potion by Cocktail Alchemists


🦅 50 ml Gin Avem Hippolais
🍷 25ml Starlino Rosé
🍸 10ml Pimento dram by the bitter truth company
🌼 20 ml syrup of blue berries and homemade flowers
🍋 20ml lime juice
🧉 10ml Aquafaba
💧 2 drops of Creole bitters

Cocktail Alchemists recommendations

Shake all the ingredients together and fine strain into an old fashioned glass filled with ice 🍸❄️🌼

A big thank you to Cocktail Alchemists for this beautiful creation 😁 🙏

Good tasting! 🤗🍸❄️🌼

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