Robe, the cocktail that brings together the love of Gin and beer

Creation of the dress cocktail

Who said you can't combine gin and beer?

Today, we offer you the beautiful creation of Clément based on beer and our latest Gin Corvus. Refreshing, slightly fruity with the citrus aromas of Corvus, here is the Robe cocktail

Clément in the midst of creating the Robe cocktail

✨🍸 Dress Recipe 🍸✨

🦅 40ml CORVUS Gin

🍋 15ml fresh lemon juice

🧉15ml brown sugar syrup

💧 2 EXORCISM Bitter dashes by Bennett Bitters

🍒 75ml of red fruit white beer

For this creation Clément used a glass from Luigi Bormioli and equipment from Barfly by Mercer .

With this cocktail, you no longer need to choose between gin or beer! Tell us if you make this cocktail and don't hesitate to tag Gin Avem and Cancan Bordeaux 🤗

A big thank you to Clément for this sublime creation as well as to Valentin Videgrain for these wonderful photos! 😁 🙏✨

Good tasting and good weekend!

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