A gold medal for Corvus the Navy Strength of Gin Avem

Only a few weeks after the launch of Corvus, the latest powerful and explosive Gin Avem, this French spirit received its first award at the Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 international challenge. With a score of 91 points, Corvus won a gold medal.

Cedrik and Axel Nadé, founders of Gins Avem with their Hippolais and Corvus creations

Hippolais, the London Dry from Gins Avem also received a score of 89 points in the Gilbert & Gaillard international challenge.

The distinction of Corvus is therefore added to the medal won a few months earlier by the first creation, Hippolais, during the International Spirits Challenge 2020. This is therefore the second medal for these French gins distilled from Bordeaux grape varieties. .

“ The palate develops power and flavors. A gin without artifice, on the power, whose aromas remain of great precision for a sophisticated cocktail “

- Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 -

Gins Avem Medals

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